Deutsch-Baltischer Wirtschaftspreis

Der Deutsch-Baltische Wirtschaftspreis 2024, präsentiert von der Deutsch-Baltischen Handelskammer, zeichnet dieses Jahr herausragende Unternehmen aus den baltischen Staaten aus, die in den Bereichen Green Tech, Climate Tech und Nachhaltigkeit innovativ und wegweisend agieren. In Anerkennung derjenigen, die außergewöhnliche Leistungen und Produkte in diesen zukunftsorientierten Feldern bieten, steht die diesjährige Preisverleihung ganz im Zeichen der Förderung umweltfreundlicher Technologien und nachhaltiger Lösungen. Mit diesem Preis werden in den Baltischen Staaten ansässige Unternehmen gewürdigt, die nicht nur in Design und Qualität, sondern auch in Technologie und Innovation, besondere Initiative und Erfindergeist unter Beweis stellen. Der Deutsch-Baltische Wirtschaftspreis 2024 unterstreicht das Engagement und den Einfluss dieser Unternehmen auf die Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft und Bildung in den baltischen Staaten und fördert zugleich eine starke Partnerschaft im baltisch-deutschen Wirtschaftsraum.

Our Finalists

Company descriptions

How do our finalists excel?

Aerones is a world-leading robot-enabled wind turbine maintenance and inspections service provider. Leveraging patented robotics technology, Aerones service teams deliver faster, safer and more effective services for wind operators worldwide. The innovations that they deliver to the wind industry promote intelligent predictive maintenance of wind turbine blades and towers, helping to maximise efficiency of wind assets and lower operating costs.

Green Genius:
Green Genius is a European renewable energy company with over 2 GW of biogas, wind, and solar projects in development across eight countries. It actively promotes the transition to renewable energy and has over 15 years of experience producing sustainable energy. Green Genius's projects generate 320 GWh of green energy each year, preventing over 212,000 tones of CO2 emissions.

LLC Rhino/Bruntor:
BRUNTOR is a Latvian start-up that develops electric kick-scooters with cargo compartments for postal and parcel deliveries, as well as other last-mile delivery needs in urban areas. This stand-up 4-wheel vehicle is compact and user-friendly, with a load capacity of up to 600 litres (maximum load capacity is 100 kg, and driver weight – is up to 100 kg).

NACO Technologies:
Naco`s mission is to empower Green Hydrogen systems through future-proof nano-coatings to provide robustness and save material. By doing so, they foster an environmentally responsible energy sector, driving social progress and creating a healthier world for future generations.

Nando is a biotechnology company that develops and manufactures high added-value microbiological products and chemical additives for agriculture and industry. Through innovation, combining scientific advances in biotechnology, chemistry and engineering, the company develops and markets biostimulants, surfactants and chemical products for use in crop and animal husbandry production and in various industries.

Founded in 2019, PurOceans has been at the forefront of pioneering technologies that promote sustainability and ecological regeneration. Its innovative approach involves the removal of sediments and microplastics from waterbodies' seabeds, all without causing harm to the delicate ecosystems below. This not only rehabilitates the environment but also eliminates toxic hazards for humans, allowing for a vibrant, healthy ecosystem to reclaim its natural habitat.

Rooffit Solar Energy:
Roofit Solar has developed innovative solar roof material and is the first steel roof material integrated with solar cells. It produces the innovative roofing material in Estonia and also sell it in Germany, assisting homeowners around the world to convert their homes into sustainable net-zero buildings. Their unique metal solar roof solution that allows to make a significant contribution to the green energy transition in terms of its aesthetic appearance, ease of installation as well as system cost and reduced carbon footprint.

SoliTek is part of BOD GROUP, a privately-owned engineering company, whose expertise dates to 1998, when the first industrial CD manufactory in Lithuania was established in Vilnius. Since then, constant innovation and engineering R&D enabled the diversification and expansion of the business. Today BOD GROUP covers 2 different areas: solar technologies (SoliTek) and ophthalmic lenses (Bod Lenses). Both businesses have one major technology in common – thin layer coatings.  
SoliTek is a key member of the BOD Group. The group specializes in manufacturing solar modules (250 MW), energy storage systems (350 MWh), and eyeglass lenses. SoliTek offers installation services for photovoltaic (PV) systems and battery energy storage, as well as the operation of solar parks in Lithuania.

WasteLocker provides real-time waste data using image-based object detection technology to assess contents, contamination and fill level. Their adaptable solution enables targeted intervention, diverting recyclables from various waste streams.

Green Tech Innovator of 2024

German-Baltic Business Award 2024

This year, the esteemed German-Baltic Business Award celebrates companies excelling in Green Tech, Climate Tech, and Sustainability, recognizing those offering innovative goods or services in these fields. The award aims to spotlight the finest Green Tech projects from the Baltic States, acknowledging their impact on society, economy, and education. It serves to strengthen the Baltic-German economic alliance and highlight the significance of Green Tech in regional growth.


The competition welcomes entries from all Baltic-based enterprises, including both private and state-owned, that operate within Green Tech, Climate Tech, or Sustainability sectors, and are located in Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania.


The top three contenders—gold, silver, and bronze winners—will be honored with the title “Green Tech Innovator of 2024,” irrespective of their home state. These winners gain the opportunity to attend the 4th German-Baltic Digital Summit and the 2nd Baltic Sea Business Day in Rostock, Germany. This includes a fully-sponsored trip and accommodation, along with a platform for showcasing their innovations and networking with German companies. Additionally, the winners will enjoy significant media exposure in both Germany and the Baltics, and feature in the Baltic Business Quarterly magazine.


The application window runs from February 1st to 29th, 2024. The jury, comprising eminent German industry leaders, will review submissions from March 11th to 15th, selecting up to nine finalists. These finalists will be announced on March 18th and subject to a public online vote, which contributes to the final jury decision. The finalists will present their projects in an online pitch event on March 26th, with the winners being unveiled on April 18th at the German-Baltic Digital Summit in Rostock.


A distinguished panel of high-ranking German industry representatives will assess the applications, ensuring a thorough and expert evaluation.


The guidelines are crafted to assist applicants and guarantee transparency in both the application process and the evaluation criteria. For detailed information, the guidelines can be downloaded here.


Should your company be interested in participation you can register here.

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