End of lockdown for vaccinated people in Latvia


We inform you about all regulations valid from 15 November.

Since 15 November, some regulations have been relaxed for those vaccinated against/ recovering from Covid-19. Restrictions still apply to the unvaccinated. Below is an overview of the provisions that now apply.

What is the "Green Mode"?

Retail, use of services, education, and private and public events will be allowed back in "green mode", meaning that they will each be available only to fully vaccinated people.

What services are available without a Covid pass?

The use of support in psychological support groups, postal services, snack bars, banking services, emergency services and telecommunication services are also possible without a certificate. Accommodation services and documentary photography are available to individuals or members of the same household without a Covid certificate.

Public transport and cross-border transport services, including international passenger transport, as well as commercial taxi and car transport are also possible without a certificate.

Is there a curfew?

No. However, services and organised events are only possible between 6am and 9pm.


Work and education

What are the regulations in the workplace?

From 15 November, all workers, including those with a Covid-19 certificate, working on the premises must certify in writing on arrival at work that they have no evidence of acute respiratory infectious disease, are not required to maintain isolation, home quarantine or self-isolation, and are not known to have been in direct contact with a person infected with Covid-19 in the last 10 days.

Who is required to be vaccinated?

Employees of public and local authorities, including companies, and employees in the private sector whose work involves a high risk of exposure to covid-19 may only carry out their work with a covid-19 certificate. For people who have started vaccination against Covid-19 by 15 November 2021 but have not yet received a vaccination certificate, a special rule applies: they may continue to perform their work if they get tested regularly.

What are the school rules?

Learners in grades 4 to 12 are allowed to resume classes on site. At the same time, it is intended that learners from different groups, classes or courses in the Lower School do not meet each other by not using the same rooms and having different break times.

To make this possible, it is possible to teach up to five days a month in distance learning.

What are the rules for quarantine?

Persons vaccinated against Covid-19 or recovering from the virus can still go about their work or attend classes on site even if they come into contact with an infected person. Facility managers are required to antigenically test the contacts each time before the start of the work or school day. However, outside of work or school duties, persons are not allowed to participate in public or social events.

Free time

To what extent is it possible to shop and use services?

Without vaccination or convalescence certificates, it will be possible to go to shops for basic needs with an area of less than 1500 m²; the remaining outlets will only operate in an epidemiologically safe environment (green fashion).

The possibility for shopping in large shops will only apply during the week.

All services can now only be provided in an epidemiologically safe environment, with the exception of essential services, which can also be provided to people without a vaccination or convalescence certificate.

How is sports operation regulated?

Sports operation in an epidemiologically safe environment is granted to the Latvian national team (including youth and juniors), athletes of the Latvian Olympic team and the Latvian Paralympic team, team athletes of international and higher leagues, as well as sports trainings of students of the Murjāņi Sports High School and top athletes.

Indoor sports training may be held in an epidemiologically safe environment, with a minimum of 15 square metres per athlete.


Are events, church and restaurant visits possible?

Events can take place with limited access and verification of Covid certificates. Participants must be seated in fixed, personalised seats during the event and no more than 500 people may be present at the event at any one time. Religious events are only allowed in an epidemiologically safe environment and with face masks. Individual visits to religious sites are permitted even without a Covid 19 certificate, provided they are limited in time, i.e. last no more than 15 minutes. In restaurants, four people can sit at one table.

If you have any questions about current regulations, you can contact us at any time: info(at)ahk-balt.org